Basics Edit

The Rapid Fire Fighter(Or RFF for short) is one of the easiest and most effective custom ships in Solar Conquest. To create a RFF, you simply need to remove the left turret from a fighter, then remove that turret from the game(Via knocking it off a cliff or anything that removes blocks). Once this is accomplished, the fighter will become an RFF, and will shoot a rocket every time you press "f" with the fighter, giving a much faster fire rate than a normal fighter.

Left Turret Removal Techniques Edit

Rocket Technique Edit

This is the most common technique used for the RFF, as it only requires the materials given to you in the game, that being a rocket and the building tools. To start, you spawn a Fighter, then you put 6X8X5 stud block to cover the left turret(with the 6 studs side facing towards you, left of the turret), then, move a little bit away from the fighter, face the way the fighter is facing, and fire a rocket at the middle of the block covering the turret. Done, correctly, this will remove just the turret from the fighter. You will have to dispose of the turret afterwards, most easily done by pushing the turret off a cliff into the void.

Rovacuum Technique Edit

This is the easiest technique to pull off, makes the RFF easily mass-producible, and only requires the rovacuum. To do this, you simply walk 14-16 studs away from the left turret, then use the rovacuum and quickly switch to a different weapon. Done correctly, the left turret should be removed from the fighter, with no need to dispose of the left turret.